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BI Marathon

Before start
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Runners’ Stories: Timur Dmitriyev

BI Marathon is not just a charity and sporting event, which is held annually. It is also a sports festival for the citizens, a unique platform for new beginnings and sports. In 2017, 4000,000 people took part in the BI Marathon, 3,000 of which were employees of the BI Group.

Today we share the history and experience of our employee Timur Dmitriyev. He is preparing to overcome the iron distance, and he is planning to run for 3 hours 30 minutes.

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My preparation for the marathon is conducted in the framework of the general preparation for the middle distance of the Ironman 70.3 Astana Triathlon. I'm training in the group under the guidance of coach Yerzhan Zhaparov. There are 3 running and 3 swimming workouts per week. I plan to run the full distance of the marathon that is 42.2 km. The planned result is 3:30/45.


In my opinion, to overcome the full distance of the marathon, especially long trainings are needed. They give us an opportunity to practice how to stand discomfort, hardship. And you will ask why we have tо endure all this. Psychological adaptation to changes, increasing the level of stress-resistance — it helps to look at everything with a smile and improves efficiency.

For me, first of all, it is important to maintain excellent health, have the right environment and build a successful career. Our education, personal and business qualities directly depend on our way of life and priorities. I also think that we are very lucky: after all, we have much more opportunity to meet personally with Aidyn Rakhimbayev, who is an example for young people, and not only in sports, but also in business.


31 March 2018