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Top 10 products for strong bones and muscles

We present you the top 10 products containing a large amount of calcium and vitamin D, which help to strengthen the health of bones and muscles.

1. Enriched milk 

Milk contains a lot of calcium. Modern manufacturers also began to enrich it with vitamin D, to ensure the maximum benefit of this product.

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2. Vitamin fortified juice

This is another artificially enriched product. Modern juices contain a number of useful vitamins. Many brands enrich the juices with calcium and vitamin D; this is a great way to strengthen the bones and muscles enjoying your favorite drink.

3. Salmon

This type of fish contains a large amount of calcium and vitamin D. Suitable all types of salmon.

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4. Oysters

These oysters are very useful, while they contain little fat.

5. Sardine

Canned sardines are an excellent addition to the diet. They can be added to various dishes. They are salty and have a rich unique taste.

6. Broccoli

Being a rich source of vitamin K, broccoli helps to establish the metabolism of vitamin D, especially when it is high in our diet. As you know, having adjusted the normal intake of vitamin D you can successfully withstand excess weight.

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7. Flakes with milk

Flakes are another enriched product. Often manufacturers add vitamin D to flakes.

8. Bread

Bread is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D.

9. Tofu  

Many people hate tofu, however, with the correct preparation this product becomes very tasty and useful. Also it can be added to sauces, soups or smoothies.

10. Almond

These delicious nuts contain a lot of protein and few carbohydrates. They are rich in vitamins and minerals.

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3 April 2018