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People of goodwill who help others unselfishly are at the onset of BI Marathon's idea: all funds collected for participation in the marathon are sent directly to the “BI-Zhyldyzai” charity foundation that was established in 2004 by employees of the BI Group construction company.

The medical and social project is one of the foundation’s important initiatives. Within its framework, children with disabilities are provided with medical assistance involving domestic and foreign specialists from Lithuania, Russia, France, England, Israel, China, and Denmark. The center has rendered 2,500 rehabilitation services and has conducted 2,000 consultations in 4 years of its existence. The foundation pays for surgical operations, inviting highly qualified specialists from abroad: 306 operations were carried out for Kazakhstani children just in 2.5 years.

40 children at the age from 4 to 13 years started walking independently for the first time in the “BI-Zhyldyzai” foundation rehabilitation center! Also 50 training master classes for Kazakh doctors were carried out upon the mentoring program.

The opening of “BI-Zhuldyzai” medical rehabilitation centers in Astana and Zhanaozen is another significant event of the foundation. Speech therapist and special-needs expert, massage therapist, orthopedist, neuropathologist, acupuncturist offices are opened in the centers. There is remedial gymnastics gym for rehabilitation of children with ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis), Down's syndrome, hydrocephalic syndrome, etc. Thanks to qualified specialists and effective treatment, there has been observed a significant progress in gain in children health.

One of the brightest projects of the foundation is the annual “Zhuldyzai” Republican Children Creativity Festival for the special children. During the last 11 years inspired children from all over Kazakhstan gather in the capital on the eve of June the 1-st. The number of the project participants grows every year, only during the first decade 36, 583 children at the ages from 10 to 18 years from 16 cities of Kazakhstan took part in the Festival. This year the final and gala concert will be held in Almaty on the main stage of the city for the first time. Almaty Akimat is the main partner of the project.

The festival is a unique platform for socialization of special children and as a result of the project many of them has entered into artistic higher and special secondary educational establishments of the country, has made creative groups and communities on interest.

The joint start of the Festival together with the 1-st Republican Spartakiad for children with special needs that will also reach out to children from all regions of Kazakhstan is an outstanding feature of the project in 2017. Winners in such sports as mini-football, table tennis, athletics and “asyk atu” will also come to the final competitions in Almaty.

700 children at the ages from 10 to 18 years will take part in the Spartakiad and in the final Gala Concert of the “Zhuldyzai” festival and will visit the city of Almaty from May 26 to June 1, 2017. The final concert will take place in the Almaty Republic Palace.

Detailed information on the activities of the charity foundation is on the website

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“Zhuldyzai” Corporate foundation
Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) 620200239511
Transaction account KZ589261501130165000
KKGB Bank 
Business Identification Number (BIN) 040540008069
Legal address: 14/3, Zhansugurov street, Astana.
Actual address: 24, Bokeikhan street, Astana,