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Before start



Experienced runners know for sure what to do to prepare correctly for the marathon, not to cause harm by high physical exercises, to make the participation a real festive than grueling training! But if you are just beginning we are pleased to tell You about running and to advice as well. Let start from the basis:

1. Firstly, health-improving running is available for everyone:

    • Even an unsportsman can start running regularly in any age. It is only necessary to select right rate and duration of training.
    • Simple outfit is required – no special equipment required (running shoes and gym suit according to the season).
    • No requirements to any sport facilities. Running routes for individual trainings are selected personally and can be located in any place including sidewalks, parks, separate road sections.
    • There are almost no limits of weather conditions: the year round in any weather except for heavy frost (lower -15°C) and hot (higher +27°C).   
  1. The increase of Ig immunoglobulin in blood serum of people who regularly run 

    • it contributes to reduction of the disease incidence (6,000 tested persons within 30-60 years old, term of training – 2-20 years).
  2. It was found out that CVS indicators (cardiac rate, arterial pressure, ECG) of runners did not differ from indicators of young healthy men 

    • (580 tested runners within 30-70 years old).
  3. Runners of 60-69 years old showed higher working capacity than passive counterparts,

    • Men within 40-49 years old following sedentary life. Clear rejuvenating effect of running is observed – delay in age character reduction of working capacity to 20 years.
  4. Health-improving jogging adds 6.2 and 5.6 years to life in average 

    • Men and women (Cardiovascular Disease Prevention 2012).
  5. Heart attack mortality among runners is 3 times lower than,

    • passive people.
  6. Psychologists state that joggers are more sociable, communicative, kind, self-empowered and confident in their strength and capabilities.

    • Joggers have fewer conflicts and perceive such situations easier; psychological stress either does not develop or neutralized in time which shall be the best method of myocardial infarction prevention.



If You have been running for several years you can determine a distance suitable for your training. And if You just have recently started jogging we recommend to test yourself at distances to 5 km or 10 km depending on your capabilities and self-confidence. It is important to remember that the rate is major than the distance. Therefore the selection of speed for each distance is a very responsible procedure. If you are a responsible beginner we recommend You to run at comfortable rate and to save your strength. Starting fast does not mean finishing first!  


Firstly, the equipment should be comfortable, should not cause discomfort and woodiness during running. Along toward jogging we will inform you about upcoming weather. Running shoes is the most important detail. Good shoes shall allow passing the distance with no risk of damage. 


On the first day of jogging we do not recommend You to test your feeding – it is better to have ordinary meal. Have a breakfast 2-2.5 h before start. Your meal should be digestible (cereals, omelet, and chicken soup). It is not recommended to eat spicy, fat, roast products on the eve of competitions. Do not start jogging with full stomach; it will be bad for you. Drink some water 15-20 min before start. It shall prevent you from dehydration at the beginning of the distance.   


It is important to warm up before running and prepare the body for exercise. The level of preparation and frequency of training shall not be an excuse to pass the warming up. Unprepared organism may fail at any time.  


Regardless of your condition before starting jogging it is recommended to pass medical examination in any medical institution and to obtain professional’s conclusion stating your readiness to jogging.